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Wardrobe management made effective

How it works

Easy to use

We have created a beautiful and simple interface, which makes it simple for you to provide a better service. You simply just type in the phone or jacket number and the app finds the guest matching.

Get the Picture

Find what you need in the matter of seconds with our simple overview. You can easily search and sort between all information. You can see which items are in, out or forgotten.

Match user to jacket

When the guest have checked in via their phone number, you can quickly pair up the item with the wardrobe number and move on.

New user? Just a second

First time guests visit they need to create a profile - they just need to re-type their phone number and type their name, that's all we need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get started?

Please contact us, and we'll take a meeting right away, so we can create a solution to fit your specific needs.

What do I need to implement the system?

The system is optimized for iPad, which is the only hardware you need. Besides that, you can optimize your wardrobe with fixed tags on the hangers.

What's the price?

The price depends on your usage, so please contact us, and we can give you a estimate based on your needs.

How is your system more secure?

Since the ticket can't be lost, stolen or duplicated, the jackets can't be lost. Besides that, we can validate the user by ID.

What if the guest doesn't receive the ticket?

If the guest doesn't recieve their ticket, we're still able to find their item by validating the guest with their personal ID.